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CMT: history and objectives of the association

In 1993, the CMT Association was founded by some music therapists, active in the territory of Milan in the areas of prevention and rehabilitation, and by graduating students from the Corso Quadriennale (Four-year Course) in Assisi, with the main task to "increase the Studies and the research on Music Therapy... facilitate the diffusion of a correct and rigorous information on research developments, studies and operational activities of this discipline" (Article 4 of the CMT Statute).

Since its establishment till today, in line with its statute, CMT has indeed organized many meetings, workshops, and monothematic seminars.

In January 2001, thanks to fundings from the CARIPLO FOUNDATION, CMT started the Triennial Music Therapy School which is currently pursuing its activities self-financing all the expenses.

The CMT Association also coordinates the activities of Music Therapy at public socio-health facilities or accredited by national health service ones, public schools, juvenile detention centers, etc.


CMT  Centro di Musicoterapia - Studi e Ricerche
email: centromusicoterapia@yahoo.it  - tel: 3408078546